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Aug 26

Dogs: Off-leash unattended & late-night barking


Hello neighbors,


Just a reminder that any dog that is off-leash on your property should be supervised. On our walk this morning we were pursued by a dog that was unattended outside of it's cabin. Our corgi (leashed) is not dog-friendly & would have attacked this dog if it had gotten closer. I had to yell at the top of my lungs for the homeowner to come get his dog (at 7:30am) which makes me feel like a terrible neighbor. So please, don't just open your door and let your dogs out!


The other is late-night barking (not the same neighbor). I am sure there are many other homeowners that can agree - dogs should not be left out after dark barking endlessly for us to endure. No one wants to get a neighbor in trouble for breaking sound ordinance rules, so just please be respectful and bring animals in when it becomes dark.


Thank you

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