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Aug 28

Just wondering if residents of Crystal Lakes ever have meetings that dont involve or include even the HOA




Do you mean like neighbor meet-ups that are private events or public events for the HOA residents? Thanks for your question :)

Aug 28

Yes and general discussions about bylaws and policies, likes dislikes that sort of thing. I have only been to one meeting being as a newer owner and it seemed like public meetings would be a productive thing.

Aug 28Edited: Aug 28

Oh wonderful! I'm not sure if anyone else has input on this - I personally am unaware of any get togethers, but think they should exist! If you'd like to ever start a social group for things like this, let me know and I'll add it to the Social Groups page.

Aug 28

@Brenna Rice good idea. A FaceBook page was just added but I really would like a different kind of social approach. I will get back with you then and see if we cant get that set up after labor day.

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I removed the "HOA" from the name of this forum - hopefully that makes it clear that this forum is not for the HOA, just for the community that is included within the filings of Crystal Lakes. Please do not post personal information as this forum is viewable by the public.


If you have any questions, email me at but please keep in mind I run this website in addition to my personal business - so sometimes it takes me a moment to respond :)

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